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Written by : Winny

Lydia Joined the  the organization when she was 10yrs old.  She is currently  13years old and lives in Korokocho slums. Growing up she was a shy girl and withdrawn her mother recalls. Since her father left them life has not been the same and her mother struggled to support her, her brother and sister. Her sister had to go upcountry to study from there and she and her brother are the once living with the mother. Her mother is a casual worker thus trying her best to make ends meet for the family.

In 2016 after receiving training from the score leaders academy she  started building on confidence  of speaking, opening up to her mum about  her inner feelings.  After the training and follow up she formed her girl-led Mini project using skating to empower youths in her .She first recruited a group of boys to form her team at that time of her intial project stage she had 3 members. She and her team members had to sacrifice to go to Kasarani stadium to practice there with a trainer who hires skating boots for ksh.10 the whole day .

After a few months the trainer stopped coming and Lydia still wanted to keep her team intact so she choose another sport that is football. Since then she enjoys playing football and she had 3 team members in skating but after shifting to football gradually week by week   11 boys and girls joined her team.   Her team  engage in weekly lifeskills learning and playing .

Joining the score leaders academy had helped her build good relationship with her family and her team members and she now more courageous. Her mother informed us that out of all her children she can admit that Lydia has made her be called to school because of good things that she has done, and her

siblings see her as a role model. Score leaders academy helps girls have the opportunity to learn and to involve other girls and boys within their communities to take part within their initiatives increasing the numbers of girl leaders being agents of positive social change and changing their homes and their communities

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