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Stephanie Wanjiku is a young girl aged 11 years.   She studies at Njokim Junior School.  She is in class 5. She stays with her mum and grandmother at Dandora Phase 4. She is an ambitious young girl. Stephanie joined the M-power Club this year February 2018. By then her mother had been ailing but struggled to support the family. Being the only child and having been raised by a single parent she states that her mother is her role model because she has been strong for her despite being ill.

Her mum sells groceries at the ‘kibanda’ despite her illness- to get funds to pay school fee for her only child. Every day she wakes up early to fend for her family with the hope that one day she would offer her child a bright future through education. “Being a single parent has not been easy; sometimes I do menial jobs to get income so as to maintain my daughter in school. The economy too has not been favorable, you have to be on toes to get income to meet your personal needs,” she states.  Stephanie had always been shy and could not address her peers.  She could not freely express herself since she suffered silently after seeing the condition of her mother always having to seek medical attention

In the month of May when we had a training for parents.  Stephanie’s mother was among the attendees.  She narrated how the M-power Club had impacted Stephanie and was grateful to Footsteps for empowering girls to be leaders and change agents in the community.  Stephanie has received two trainings about leadership having been elected one of our girls’ leaders.  She is punctual in the meetings and participates in the sessions.

Joining M-power Club provided an opportunity for Stephanie to interact with her friends and make new friends.  This has further helped her to know that there are girls who go through the same challenges she faces in her everyday life.

This year Stephanie got an opportunity to open a savings account with Post Bank.  She was excited about the whole idea for it is a perfect chance for her to save for her future.  She now has an ATM card and a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which she can use to perform transactions in her account.  Now she knows about savings and the importance of saving for the future.

The pupils of Njokim Primary School are also happy to have been trained on savings and have opened savings account. The program is girls centered since the girls are the key decision makers.  They collectively decided to save the whole amount they had gotten as profit from the Girls Biz.  The pupils of Njokim Primary School have emerged the best out of our three schools in terms of sales and profit yet they are still very young.

Her teacher Ms. Hellen had this to say about Stephanie; “Stephanie has really transformed from a quiet girl to a brave confident girl.  She is very accurate in keeping financial records… she does not make small mistakes in selling, she also knows how to do sales and marketing.”


Written by: Vicky

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